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The people behind Alpine

From real estate marketing to facility service to construction project management – our real estate experts will support you in all matters.

Thomas Graf Thomas Graf Leger

Thomas Graf


André Barkusky André Barkusky Leger

André Barkusky

Prokura Asset Management

Mert Colaker Mert Colaker Leger

Mert Colaker

Leiter Marketing / Vertrieb

Anne Ernst Anne Ernst Leger

Anne Ernst

Prokura Leiterin Property Management

David Schramm David Schramm Leger

David Schramm


Cornelia Klein Cornelia Klein Leger

Cornelia Klein

Assistentin der Geschäftsführung/ Büroleitung

Zaneta Mathews Zaneta Mathews Leger

Zaneta Mathews

Management Assistant

Sven Kiel Sven Kiel Leger

Sven Kiel


Steffen Rüdrich Steffen Rüdrich Leger

Steffen Rüdrich


Uwe P. Tietz Uwe P. Tietz Leger

Uwe P. Tietz