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We're Alpine

Alpine is a Swiss real estate company which has been family-run for three generations and has locations in Switzerland and Germany. As an investor with a portfolio of investment properties, we specialise in office and commercial properties in the vicinity of the airports in Zurich and Berlin. For some years now, we’ve been diversifying our portfolio and becoming increasingly active in other usage segments and economic areas.

With our own team of experts, Alpine supports its customers in all real estate matters: from letting suitable premises to advising on conversions and finding the optimal property management solution – all in-house and under one roof.

Long-term thinking has determined our thoughts and actions for three generations.

From letting to property management, we offer everything under one roof.

As a portfolio holder, we work hard to maintain the value of our properties.

We have a wide range of properties in selected business locations.

Get to know us!

From marketing to property maintenance to construction project manager – our real estate experts will support you in all matters.

The team
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Our values guide us in our daily work, in decision-making processes and in our interactions with colleagues, clients and partners.

Forward together

We are curious, humble and dare to think out of the box with mutual trust. We look at new topics from different angles. We embrace change and inspire each other to identify and seize opportunities.

Empathetic and respectful

The work with people inspires us. Their needs lead our way. We work hand in hand and are energetic and enthusiastic about our tasks. We celebrate success and reward outstanding performances.

Tradition and modernism in moderation

We foster close relationships with our customers and partners, focusing traditionally on long-term success. We are determined to progress and keep learning. This is how we secure our existence, today and in the future.

Thinking and acting sensibly

The trust we have in each other and our customers and partners have in us is the basis of all our actions. We feel personally responsible for the outcome, are transparent, reliable and authentic. We say what we do, and we do what we say.

Our history

Tradition and long-term thinking have been in our DNA for three generations of entrepreneurs. Fritz Sprick laid the foundations for the family business in the mid-1940s onwards when he took the Austrian iron trading business “Gebrüder Girschek” and made it into one of the leading steel suppliers in Europe. Fritz Sprick handed the company over to his son, Ralf Jörgen Sprick, in the 1960s. Since the mid-2000s, the company has been owned by the third generation of owners. Among them is Maximilian Sprick, who has been acting in a variety of management roles.

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Iron trading business in Austria

Girschek brothers found a company to trade in Austria. It becomes the leading steel trading company in eastern Europe.


Company headquarters are relocated to Germany and a period of expansion begins

After the end of the war and the relocation of the company headquarters to Germany in 1945, Fritz Sprick rebuilds the company and leads it to new prosperity. He grows the company into one of the leading steel suppliers to the German automotive industry and supplies the Austrian steel industry with raw materials.


Second generation takes on the reins and expands the steel trading business

Ralf Jörgen Sprick takes over the group of companies from his father and expands the international steel business. He sets up branches in Vienna, New York and London. The Group’s activities spanned the then Eastern Bloc, reaching as far as Argentina in the West and Singapore in the East.


HQ moves to Liechtenstein

The company headquarters are relocated to Vaduz in Liechtenstein. Under the Alpine Finanz name, the company branches out into a new line of business: the development and leasing of commercial real estate. The real estate business initially focuses on the greater Zurich area, especially in the vicinity of Zurich-Kloten Airport.


Commercial real estate becomes the main business and the Berlin subsidiary is opened

The steel trade is discontinued. The purchase, planning, construction and property management of modern office buildings in the greater Zurich area is now the Group’s main business. A subsidiary with three employees is founded in Berlin to expand the real estate business.


First property acquired in Berlin

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the company acquires its first property in the Schönefeld area. Further land purchases in the Schönefeld airport region follow.


Berlin-Schönefeld becomes a major airport

Early that year, the Federal Republic of Germany and the states of Berlin and Brandenburg decide to expand Berlin-Schönefeld Airport to turn into the capital’s only airport: “Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brandt” (BER).


New building project Sägereistrasse 20, Glattbrugg completed

The Group completes its largest construction project to date in Zurich Glattbrugg: a 20,000 m2 office building is custom-developed for a client.


Company is handed over to the next generation and headquarters relocated to Zurich Glattbrugg

The company is handed over to the next generation of owners, including son Maximilian Sprick, who is now a member of the Group’s management and board of directors. The operational headquarters of the Swiss real estate business is moved from Vaduz to Zurich Glattbrugg.


Geographical diversification

The company gradually expands its property portfolio and acquires its first properties outside the airport region in selected business locations.


Highest office building in Glattbrugg

Alpine builds Glattbrugg’s tallest office building right next to its headquarters: the LUX, a modern, ten-storey property with office and commercial space.


First existing building in Berlin acquired

Dynamic economic growth in and around Berlin prompts the company to acquire its first existing property in Berlin Mitte.


Construction begins on new building project Centre Esplanade, Biel

Construction work begins on the Group’s largest development project to date: the “Centre Esplanade” in Biel. At around 38,000 m2, the project includes flats, office, commercial and retail space, and a hotel.


Construction begins on new offices in Berlin Schönefeld and BER opens

Construction work begins the new office building Hub 3 at Schönefeld Airport with a total area of over 15,000 m2. In the same year, Berlin’s new main airport BER opens in Schönefeld.


Step taken into the future

New brand identity developed and implemented. “Alpine Finanz Immobilien AG” in Switzerland and “Alpine Finanz Bau GmbH” in Germany become “Alpine” with offices in Zurich and Berlin.

Our locations


Alpine Immobilien AG
Sägereistrasse 25
8152 Glattbrugg

+41 44 809 50 00


Alpine Immobilien GmbH
Mittelstr. 3 B
12529 Schönefeld

+49 30 720 102 400